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Consultation Session



Schedule an in-depth consultation session with me as your first step toward achieving your personal development goal.
Our consultation will take place virtually via Zoom with camera on . I will ask you questions to learn more about you and your problem, and then I will tell you how I can assist you. In addition, I will answer any questions you may have.
My consulting sessions are intense; therefore, you should take the rest of the day off. Please refrain from eating, drinking, chewing gum, or smoking throughout the session, and use the restroom before we begin.
It is also strongly advised to utilize a laptop or computer camera, as they have better cameras than cellphones and you will not lose focus trying to adjust them.

To get the most out of the work we're doing together, it's critical that you arrive on time with the aim of being focused, present, cooperative, and ready to answer any questions I may find in your best interest.

Book your consultation session here:

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