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Smoking Cessation Frequently Asked Questions
1- Who am I? What are my qualifications?

I’m May Abougabal, l'm the owner of Wakefield Therapy.

I'm a Certified Hypnotherapist by Hypnotherapists Union Local472

Certified Specialist of Smoking Cessation

Certified Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic


Certified Specialist Anxieties and Fears

Certified Specialist Pain Management 

Certified Specialist of Trauma Recovery

Certified Specialist of Grief Recovery

Master Advanced Conversational


I’ve been in this field since 2015, I've got all the tools and skills needed to help you quit smoking so you can resume a normal, healthy life right away without suffering from cravings or the need for medications or substitutes within 1-3 sessions. I combine therapy with hypnosis to target the roots of your problem and address it thoroughly and efficiently, so you have everlasting results.

2- What kind of therapy do I use? 

As a hypnotherapist, I have a wide array of tools to use. I begin with conversational hypnotherapy, in which you and I will have a conversation, and as your mind presents information to me, I adjust the path of the conversation to connect with the part of your mind that is responsible for keeping you smoking and guide it to solve it for you.

We will eventually discover what is preventing you from quitting, address these findings, and fulfill those needs in order to make amends with this part of your mind.

This part of your mind is responsible for keeping you smoking, and when you try to quit, it becomes like an angry child whose favorite toy has been taken away, and it reacts by giving you urges and cravings and exacerbating your withdrawal symptoms so you stay loyal to your habit.
But if we fulfill its needs (by offering the child another toy instead of the one taken away), this part of your mind will not resist you when you quit, and quitting becomes much easier without cravings, and the withdrawal symptoms are mild to none.

3- How can hypnotherapy help you quit smoking?

You know how bad smoking is and there is no doubt in your mind that quitting smoking is best for you and yet you still smoking.

What makes you defy logic and keep smoking even with all the harm smoking does to your life?

What is it about smoking that’s stronger than reason and logic?

it’s because habits are created in the illogical part of our mind and it’s called ( the subconscious mind) 

The subconscious mind is responsible for your habits, programs, involuntary functions, how you react in every day life and all your memories since you were in the womb.

It’s so powerful and 9 times the size of its counterpart, the conscious mind ( which is the logic part of your mind) 

Attempting to lecture smokers all day and give them tips and tricks to solve their smoking habit is fruitless cause these are logical stuff talks only to the logic part of the mind which is the wrong part to talk to .

To solve your smoking habit you need to bypass your conscious mind and dive deeper to your subconscious where your smoking habit was created and find out why it’s preventing you from quitting. Your subconscious creates habits to make things faster and easier for you and when that habit fulfills an emotional need then your subconscious doubles your attachment to the habit and prevents you from quitting and when you quit it resists you and gives you urges and cravings and exacerbates your withdrawal symptoms so you keep smoking.

So in order to solve your problem you need to talk to your subconscious, hypnosis at its simplest form is about bypassing the conscious mind and connecting to your subconscious and when you combine that with the right therapy then the subconscious is guided to solve the problem then that’s the perfect formula to quit your smoking habit or any other nicotine related habit. And the best part about it is when your subconscious works in your side , quitting happens so easy without cravings and with mild to no withdrawal symptoms.

4-How am I different?and why I have a high success rate?

I don’t give you ready-made solutions to your problem or force my own solutions on you; instead I guide you to dive inside so you can find your own answers.

Why is it important to find your own answers?

Because these answers come directly from the part of your mind that created the problem,

Your subconscious mind knows exactly why it created the problem this way and exactly how to fix it; thus, the best place to find answers and solutions to your problem is your mind, not mine.

Other therapists might give you one-size-fits-all solutions to help you quit smoking, or maybe some tips and tricks to cope with your problem.

The problem is, these are logical stuff that only talks to the logical part of your mind, and that’s the wrong part to talk to.
Nothing about smoking makes sense or is logical; a smoker would cough to death and a second later search his pocket for his pack of cigarettes. So when he smokes, he thinks with a different part of his mind.
What I do is talk to that illogical part of your mind that’s responsible for keeping you smoking,
and with the right guidance, it will fix the problem for you, and you’ll quit easily without resistance (aka; cravings)  and have everlasting results.

5-What is my approach?

Smoking as an emotional habit has roots and branches just like a tree.
Is smoking a root or a branch? It’s merely a branch because it’s nothing more than a service manifestation of a deep, unresolved problem.
The core cause that keeps you smoking is quite different and unique for each person. It’s responsible for the resistance that makes quitting a nightmare. Surprisingly, once the root cause is identified and treated, the resistance disappears, and quitting becomes much easier.
For example, smoking may represent a connection or a feeling of revenge against someone or against yourself.
If I just focus on the smoking in this scenario, I'm just cutting the branch, and those emotions will manifest later in cravings.
My approach is that I always go for the roots. If I cut the roots, the whole tree would naturally fall off.

6-How many sessions will it take for you to quit smoking?

Generally, it takes 1-3 sessions to quit smoking, but it’s very individual; some people quit in three sessions, some in one or two, and some in as little as 30 minutes.

7-How can you prepare for the session

The most important thing is to show up motivated, focused, present, and ready to answer any questions I may find in your best interest.
The meeting will be held virtually through Zoom. The meeting link will be provided in the email sent shortly after booking; if you can’t find the email, please check your spam. When the meeting time arrives, click on the URL provided.

Because this is a video meeting, you'll need a good webcam, a good internet connection, and good room lighting.
It’s important to use a computer or laptop for the meeting. It's less trouble than using your phone and has a superior camera, so you won't lose focus thinking about adjusting your camera.
Please refrain from eating, drinking, smoking, or chewing gum during the session. You may drink water if necessary.

Please use the restroom before the session.

My sessions are quite strong and intense, therefore it’s better if you take the rest of the session’s day off.

9-What is the best way to contact me?

Best way to contact me through Email:

I’ll get back to you as soon as possible usually within 24 hours

10-How can you book with me?

Your first step to a happy , healthy smoke free life is to schedule a consultation, which is important so I can learn more about you and your problem.

to schedule a consultation , click here:

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