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Smoking Cessation 

Why can't you quit smoking?

why does it feel hard for you to quit smoking?

Why do some ex-smokers even after years of quitting, still have cravings?

Think about it: after years of quitting there are no traces of nicotine in your body and your body already returned back to it’s original natural chemical balance, so cravings are not just about the nicotine dependence; there is something else.

Okay, It’s not hard for all smokers to quit smoking

Some smokers take the decision to quit and boom they quit.

Some smokers make adjustments to their life style, maybe avoiding places and situations that triggered them to smoke and boom they quit.

But some smokers have a much deeper problem.

They know how bad smoking is and no matter how much willpower they apply, quitting is so hard for them.

 The reason They find it hard is because they have a conflict where one part of their mind wants something and the other part wants the opposite;

you consciously want to quit but your subconscious wants to keep you smoking.

And since your subconscious is way bigger in size and functions so it always wins and dominates.

it’s like you’re driving down the road with one foot on the accelerator and the other foot on the brakes, so you’re not going anywhere.

Your subconscious has a positive intention to keep you smoking. It could be an emotional need ,or a benefit of some sort that you’re not consciously aware of, but once that positive intention is found and addressed, quitting happens easily without resistance, or in other words, without cravings.

 And that’s the essence of the resistance you’re experiencing every time you try to quit.

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People feel miserable after quitting because of the cravings, but what if I told you that quitting smoking could be easy and fun? Well, that could only happen if you knew who you were talking to.

Your mind has two parts: conscious and subconscious. The subconscious is your genie; it’s way bigger in size and functions than your conscious. It has all your memories since you were in the womb. It has all the programs for your habits and values and how you react in every day situations. In fact, your conscious has the will, but your subconscious has the power, and if you have both of them working in your favor, you have the will power.

Smoking could be a matter of habit; some people can easily quit with some adjustments in their lifestyle, but for other people, smoking is way deeper than that; it’s so hard for them to quit because their subconscious wants them to keep smoking. You may have watched one of your loved ones have a slow, painful death as a result of smoking, and there was no doubt in your head that you should quit smoking right this moment, yet you still smoke and can’t stop. Why is that? Because of a perceived benefit you’re having, you’re not consciously aware of it, but your subconscious knows that benefit is of great value to you, so it’ll keep you smoking; it’ll give you the urges, thoughts, and cravings to keep smoking until that benefit is fulfilled, but once this benefit is fulfilled, your subconscious wouldn’t need to send you those messages (a.k.a. cravings) to keep you smoking, and you'll quit easily and smoothly. The change has to start from there; this is the right one to talk to.

and that's what I do, With my years of experience in using hypnosis and therapy, I help you to have a solid, genuine change. We work together to find the root cause of your problem and we address it and this is the best way to resolve your symptom you're suffering from.

Are you ready to say goodbye to smoking and nicotine-related substances for good?

It’s time for a fresh start. Time for a new beginning free from nicotine addiction. As a certified hypnotherapist, my years of experience have enabled me to develop a unique approach to help smokers quit their habit quickly and effectively.

My specialization in hypnotherapy enables me to access the hidden power within your subconscious and use it to create long-lasting results—far beyond mere willpower exercises. Hypnosis can help you get rid of unhelpful behaviors such as nail biting, compulsions, stress or anxiety.

I believe that breaking the chains of nicotine addiction begins with understanding why you got addicted in the first place. That is why I incorporate this crucial element into my sessions by helping you gain knowledge about how the connection between your thoughts and environment factor into your cravings.

Most importantly, I support you throughout your journey until you reach complete freedom from cigarettes, vaping, cigars and all other forms of nicotine consumption. With my help, quitting smoking won't be just another ‘goal’ - it will be an empowering accomplishment that will open up exciting new opportunities, allowing you take charge of your health and reclaim your life.

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