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A message to a controlling partner

first your partner was charmed by your charisma and how intensely you were connected to them, it was as if two souls were joined with no boundary, that was really hypnotic.

But gradually you started to breathe over their shoulder watching their every move, suffocating them and erasing their identity. It was as if they weren't supposed to breathe unless you told them. You caused them more pain than you made them happy.

Your jealousy and possessiveness destroyed their self-esteem and made them doubt their worth and identity. You believed this is the only way to protect your love, but insisting on controlling your partner was the fastest and easiest way to lose all control and lose their genuine love.

Dear controlling partner love is not about power or possession. It is about respect and trust. Love is very gentle and should not be suffocating.

And if you want someone to adore you, let them enjoy their freedom to grow, to explore, to socialize, to become the best version of themselves. Dear controlling partner, Your controlling behavior is a reflection of your own internal battle, it’s something you learned during your early years

You have a beautiful soul. You’re good enough and you’re worthy of love, but you have a deep emotional struggle that makes you think that this is the only way to love or to keep the person you love.

You were hurt by someone else's actions and insecurities. You need help to overcome this struggle and neutralize this emotional charge. You’re strong enough to confront your demons and start a journey of self-discovery and healing.

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