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A message to a lonely single mom

You’re now responsible for your children; in fact, you have always been responsible for them, but this time you’re doing it alone.Being alone triggered feelings of self-doubt and unworthiness.

It also triggered feeling of guilt for not being able to give your child everything they desired or for having to divide your attention between them and other responsibilities.

Dear single mom, I want you to know this:Your worth is not defined by the presence or absence of others or by your relationship status.

It’s more about the love you give for everyone around you.

as well as the wonderful things you’re doing for your child.

You are taking on the role of both parents and caring for your child emotionally, physically, and financially.

Your courage, resilience, and determination have brought you this far.

You're giving your child what they need the most, your irreplaceable love, so be proud of yourself and everything you do, big or small.

 Dear single mom:The past is in the past; now focus on this moment and take it one day at a time. Build your self inside out. If necessary, get professional help to release all ties to the past and to build your inner strength. As you do so, you’ll feel naturally strong and will not need external validation.

It’s all about perspective; loneliness could be an extra time for exploring new things or an opportunity for personal growth. Rediscover your passions and do things you love.Set aside time exclusively for yourself to care for your body, mind, and soul.Surround yourself with positive people who uplift andLet go of toxic connections that drain your energy.

Dear single mom:Your journey may feel challenging, but make sure to enjoy your child, your child is not just a responsibility, your child is an enjoyment and a blessing in your life so make sure to enjoy every minute of this journey together.

You’re totally capable of creating a beautiful life for yourself and your child. Have a solid belief in your abilities, and know that your efforts are deeply appreciated by those who matter.


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