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How to say NO without feeling Guilty

You’re overwhelmed with demands and responsibilities, and yet you feel guilty about saying no to more. Saying NO is connected to the fear of looking selfish and disappointing others. That’s what you’ve learned in your early years, and you can unlearn it.

Notice where this belief comes from. Is that your belief? Or Was planted in your head by someone else? Why can others easily say no when you can’t even when you really need to? Saying "no" does not make you any less loving or caring, and it doesn’t it make you selfish; your needs and desires are equally as important as those of your loved Take a rest when you feel like it. That will help you feel fulfilled and happier, and will reflect on your loved ones.

Don’t put pressure on yourself to be perfect; perfection is unattainable.

Focus on building your inner strength and your self-worth; if you do so, you’ll naturally say no when you feel like it. keep in mind there are many ways to decline a request without having to say no. Just Explain your reasons and focus on your own needs without criticizing or blaming others.

For example:

"I would love to help, but I'm currently feeling quite exhausted. Is there any way I can help you at a later time?"

"I appreciate the invitation, but I'm stretched thin right now . I hope you have a wonderful time, though."

"I understand how important this is to you, but I'm currently running on empty. I need to rest and recharge ."

"I don’t feel comfortable doing that; are there other alternatives?’

"Mommy needs a break right now, How about we plan something special for tomorrow?

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