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"But I'll Feel Miserable After Quitting"

People feel miserable after quitting because of the cravings, but how about if I tell you that quitting smoking could be easy and fun. Well, that could only happen if you know who you’re talking to.

Your mind has two parts conscious and subconscious, the subconscious actually is your genie it’s way bigger in size and functions than your conscious, it has all your memories since you were in the womb it has all the programs for your habits and values and how you react in every day situations, in fact your conscious has the will but your subconscious has the power and if you have both of them working in your favor you have the will power

Smoking could be a matter of habit , some people can easily quit with some adjustments in their life style but for other people smoking is way deeper than that , it’s so hard for them to quit cause their subconscious want them to keep smoking. You may have watched one of your loved ones having a slow painful death as a result of smoking and there was no doubt in your head that you should quit smoking right this moment and yet you still smoking and can’t stop, why is that? Because of a perceived benefit you’re having, you’re not consciously aware of it but your subconscious knows that benefit is of a great Value for you, so it’ll keep you smoking, it’ll give you the urges, thoughts and cravings to keep smoking until that benefit is fulfilled, but once this benefit is fulfilled your subconscious wouldn’t need to send you those messages ( a.k.a. cravings) to keep you smoking and you quit easily and smoothly. The change has to start from there , this is the right one to talk to.

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