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But I'm scared of the withdrawal symptoms

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

It's quite surprising to see smokers are okay with having cancer, heart and lung problems and aren't okay with withdrawal symptoms that won't kill them, they are at the most uncomfortable feelings. Here's how the withdrawal happens: your brain has a natural chemical balance between stimulants and depressants, this balance means feelings of peace, confidence, and resilience. When you smoke, nicotine is a stimulant and now the brain has an added stimulation, The state now is HIGH stimulants, LOW depressants so the brain tend to counter that high stimulation by releasing more depressants so they're roughly aligned again. When you finish your cigarette, nicotine wears off, The state now is LOW stimulants HIGH depressants, and that's when you feel the withdrawal which is a feeling of out of sort, nervous, less confident, and scared. So you smoke to feel confident and resilient again and the cycle goes on.... In fact the smoker is constantly looking for that first chemical balance and that peaceful feeling a non smoker naturally have, but in order for the smoker to have it, he needs to starve his body from nicotine so that natural balance would be restored again.

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