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Cigarettes Are Just Duck Tape

Training a circus elephant is a tragically brutal process. Have you ever wondered how such a wild, huge, strong animal like that can be tamable? How an animal so used to having nothing stand in its way can be taught to sit and lie down on command?

It’s an innately cruel process where baby elephants are ripped away from their mothers, then chained for weeks or months till they learn to accept their chains without a struggle.

It’s a process known as “training crush” because it crushes the young elephant's spirit.

Even though an adult elephant is tied with the same flimsy chains, they don’t attempt to break away from them; they keep remembering how hard it was to do this in their early years, and, even though they’re capable and strong enough to break away from those chains now with all the strength they’ve harnessed over years of growth they don’t quite understand that.

Cigarettes tamed your spirit and made you a lazy, anxious, distracted, older-looking shell of the human being you used to be.

The good thing is that this chain is very easy to break through, actually it’s no stronger than duck tape that you can easily tear and break free from. Nicotine withdrawal symptoms are mild and it’s nothing compared to the withdrawal symptoms of other drugs, it makes you uncomfortable but diseases smoking causes like cancer, heart and lung problems are way beyond uncomfortable, those are deadly

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