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Cigarettes are my only friend

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

Cigarettes are your friend the same way Brutus was ever so loyal to Caesar. Maybe you’re alone either by choice or through fear, maybe you just had a really bad day, Or Maybe it’s the buzz that you’ve brainwashed yourself into believing is capable of removing all the nasty stuff off your life. You’d think that you’ll just sit comfortably consume and discard but it isn’t truly discarded; it can be found in your lung X-Rays smiling back at you with a smug face . The truth is that anxiety, laziness, headaches, health deterioration and mood swings aren’t your friend . It’s your life slowly slipping away by the literal breath as you start wheezing more up a flight of stairs and wondering how you look ten or twenty years older or how your teeth, fingers and nails got all yellow.

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