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How to deal with a controlling Partner?

It’s a bit challenge to be in a relationship with a controlling partner but first, what are the signs of a controlling partner? A controlling partner is an overly possessive person, always questions your actions, isolates you from friends and family, manipulates your emotions, watches your every move, makes you small, and silences you. So how can you deal with a controlling partner? In my opinion, the best way to neutralize their power over you is to focus on building your inner strength or your self-worth. If you value yourself, you’ll naturally feel strong, and you’ll never accept this kind of treatment. You’ll know that you’re worthy of love and respect and that your thoughts, feelings, and opinions matter.

Teaching your controlling partner to love you the way you want is a long process and the first step is to build your self-worth. You need to establish clear boundaries and not compromise your values. Talk about your needs and desires in a calm and firm way. Learn to say no when you don’t feel comfortable. and make self-care a priority, that will help you to reconnect with yourself and will help you to be resilient.

Therapy can be a very valuable tool in this journey. A therapist can provide you with support and guidance and can help you build a strong self worth so you feel naturally strong and you feel equal and you don’t accept the mistreatment.

Finally always remind yourself that you deserve to be in a relationship built on trust, equality, and respect and you were born with the right to express your authentic self which no one can take away from you. Always stand tall and Reclaim your dreams, and your voice.

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