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How to reignite the spark in a relationship?

To ignite the spark again with your partner you need to think how the spark ignited between the two of you at the beginning of the relationship. The spark happened in the first place because of two elements: mystery and differences. You both were different individuals with different traits and interests, and you both were mysterious to each other.

There was a sense of curiosity; your partner always had to guess your reaction or your next move. So you need to reintroduce those two elements to your relationship.

To ignite the spark again in your relationship, you need to embrace your individuality and identity, just like before you met your partner. You had your own interests , hobbies, and friends , and you weren’t always available. Embrace your identity, start a hobby or a goal that’s unique to you and makes you fulfilled. Give your partner some alone time, and avoid over sharing every detail of your life.

Call less frequently or change the schedule of your calls.

Be spontaneous and do things on the spur of the moment, like an unplanned trip or date. Planning a date is beautiful, but a spontaneous date is the next level. Be playful and keep your partner wondering about your next move. Always work on improving yourself physically and mentally. This will make you naturally intriguing.

Keep in mind while it's important to be mysterious but balance is key. Being too secretive or distant can create feelings of mistrust or insecurity in a relationship.

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