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I want to quit smoking, but not now

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

I'm just waiting for the right moment, it's my driving test, I really can’t do it without cigarettes, so you’re done with your test, can you quit now? It’s just that school project it weighs 50% of my overall grade, I promise I'll be done with it and I’m ready, and you finish that project, can you quit now? Sure I promised but my mom in the intensive care and it’s really hard I need it to cope.

And the right moment never comes cause life will never stop throwing challenges at us, challenges that look very individual and unique that we think we’re the only ones suffering from them.

Take a moment and think will a non smoker take a time out off his project to hold a white stick and puff? of course not ,cause he doesn’t need it to feel complete. So what happens, why do you need it?

It's the cigarettes that made you feel incomplete , and this happens every time you stub a cigarette , nicotine has this downside of withdrawing right away from your body after each cigarette and that stresses your body and makes you anxious , irritated, insecure, scared and lacking confidence so you smoke another one to relieve that and feel ready to face the day . As you get some relief and as you finish your next cigarette the nicotine withdrawals again and the cycle goes on. In fact you're using cigarettes to fix a problem that was made by cigarettes in the first place. It made you run in circles trying to have that tranquil feeling a non smoker naturally have and should you have once you break that vicious cycle.

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