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“I won’t get addicted, I can quit whenever I want”

( Comes With a Price)

Wendy was a cute little fly but different, especially with those yellow wings, she was hungry for acceptance, all she wanted was to fit in with the gray flies. “ you have to be gray” they told her and she knew she needed to drink the black potion. As she was squirming around she found a white flower, it didn’t look special but something about it was alluring. Wendy thought to explore so she went inside the flower, the walls were slippery and Wendy got a little scared but in her mind she kept thinking how this absolutely had to be worth it, so she kept moving and down there was the black potion. With a shaky happiness, Wendy blindly allowed herself to slip down even more in order to reach that black potion faster. Once she finally arrived, she drank and drank and her yellow wings started fading out and gradually turned all gray and with a shivering voice she said “Oh my god, I can finally fit in now,”. Wendy instantly headed out but she couldn’t, one of her wings was stuck, she tried to pull it out but that was near impossible. A year later, Wendy was there at that corner with the gray flies but only with one wing.

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