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Quit Smoking With Ease

To start the end of your smoking journey and to make sure you stay motivated you need to allow yourself to understand the causes of your pain and joy. You need to live the pain that made you think about quitting, and you also need to live the joy that you’ll have when you’re finally a non smoker. Grab a blank paper and pen and draw a line to divide the paper in two halves, in the left half write PAIN and answer these questions the best you can:

Why are you quitting?

Why now?

Why would not quitting now cause even more problems?

What bothers you the most about smoking?

What’s at stake here?

What will happen one year from now if you keep smoking?what will happen 5 years from now?

List all the pains that smoking has caused in your life, in the past, the present moment, and in the future. Mention the tiniest to the largest detail, leaving nothing out.

In the right half write JOY and answer these questions the best you can:

How will you feel when you finally become a non smoker?

How will your life be different?

How high will you think of yourself when you finally concur this?

What will you do with the extra energy/time you’re getting ?

What would you do with the money you’re saving?

List all the joy you’re getting from being a non smoker, mention the tiniest to the largest leaving nothing out. Keep that paper with you all the time, keep reminding yourself with the pain that made you think about quitting and read your paper everyday first thing when you wake up and last thing before you sleep. When you find it getting really hard and you start doubting yourself and questioning your decision read your paper and know that hardship you’re feeling means one thing; that you’re headed in the right direction, an amazing smoke free life.

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