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Smoking Eases My Stress

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

Take a good look at your pack of cigarettes, I challenge you to find any of the chemical ingredients listed that is relaxing in nature. Yet, smokers feels less anxious when smoking, where does that come from? We all have stress in our lives, but the smoker has an added layer of stress. When you finish your cigarette, one very important characteristic of nicotine is that it withdrawals so fast from your body. In just an hour it's level in blood decreases about 75% and that stresses your body and makes you irritable, anxious, and in a constant desire for the next cigarette, that's an added stress a nonsmoker doesn't have . So when you smoke, you don't relieve the genuine stress, you just neutralize the factor of wanting a cigarette now, you only relieve that added layer of stress so you just feel slightly better.

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