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Smoking Helps Me Control My Weight

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

If smoking was that efficient in weight control, why do we see plenty of overweight smokers?

When we talk about the relation between smoking and weight control few elements we need to mention here:

First: Our brain has a natural chemical balance between stimulants and depressants, this chemical balance is very , very important it's what makes us happy, resilient and in peace, and in that state your appetite is at its normal level.

Smoking interrupts that chemical balance due to the stimulants ( mostly nicotine) in cigarettes.

So when you smoke your brain becomes overstimulated ( HIGH stimulants result in DECREASED appetite).

When you finish your cigarette and as nicotine wears off, your appetite is ARTIFICIALLY INCREASED and you feel hungry, a hunger that you wouldn't normally feel hadn't you interrupt that natural chemical balance, and unless you chain smoke all day, you'll end up eating more than if you weren't smoking.

Second: When you quit smoking and due to lack of that additional stimulation your appetite INCREASES but this is just a period of readjustment your brain needs before it slowly gets back to that natural chemical balance and your appetite gets back to its normal level.

Third: Smoking increases your Resting Heart Rate to uncomfortable level which makes you tired and makes exercising unpleasant and hard for you. You may see some smokers exercise but they're the exception not the rule. So you may lose some fat with smoking but that leaves your body unhealthy thin, and if you want to build that beautiful looking, lean muscular body you need to exercise and smoking doesn't allow you to do that.

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