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Smoking makes your heart race

smoking increases the heart rate, you may ask, so what , exercising also increases heart rate, that doesn’t make it bad?

Here is the story

When we exercise the brain signals the heart to beat faster so more oxygen and nutrient is delivered to the muscles and as a result of beating faster the blood cell gets replaced more quickly resulting in a younger healthier blood cell that is capable of carrying more oxygen and nutrient, and an improvement in overall quality of the blood and the health as well.

By time as we keep exercising and as a result of having younger healthier blood cells that are capable of carrying good amounts of oxygen and nutrient, a wonderful thing happens, the heart doesn’t have to beat so fast anymore to keep up with exercising , and that’s why in healthy athletes resting heart rate decreases to the low end of the normal range.

Smoking on the other side increases the heart rate AT REST and regularly increasing your heart rate without exercising is bad , if the heart beats fast in a resting mode and delivering great amounts of nutrient and oxygen to the muscles, muscles say wait a minute , I don’t need all of this, so what happens is the average blood cell age increases ( blood cells literally gets old) and of course the quality of the blood decreases, and so the quality of your health.

Also smoking dramatically increases your resting heart rate to uncomfortable levels, that a mechanism in the body kicks in, this mechanism main purpose is to protect you from having a heart attack, so you lose the desire for physical activity and find yourself heavy and lazy and prefer to sit down instead of being active.

Smokers using any form of tobacco have higher resting heart rate,The higher your resting heart rate , the less efficient your heart, research have found that increase in resting heart rate over time is linked to heart disease death

The good news is quitting smoking brings the heart rate back to normal , and even a small reductions in resting heart rate can dramatically reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease and add years to your life!

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