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The Truth About Craving Cigarettes

Craving has nothing to do with having nicotine in your system, craving is a mental process.

Our mind involves two parts, Conscious mind and SUBconscious, the SUBconscious is nine times the size of it's Conscious counterpart.

Your SUBconscious was created for your self-preservation, it never sleeps, awake 24/7 and it what makes you aware when crossing the street or when sensing any danger. It controls the involuntary functions that are essential for life like heart rate and breathing,.. It has all the programs for your emotions, habits, and values.

The SUBconscious is irrational and it's value system is evolved through emotions, which is a key thing here.

On the other side the value system of the Conscious mind is evolved through rational interpretation of experience.

You may started smoking to hang out with the cool kids or whatever reason, but what keeps you smoking is a totally different issue.

Your SUBconscious is keeping you smoking cause that cigarette is a remedy for an unpleasant feeling, you may not consciously aware of it but your subconscious knows it and that's the payoff. It's a very innocent and positive intention from your SUBconscious mind to protect you from that bad feeling. That payoff could be something very silly like smoking reminds you of someone or could be something big like dealing with an unresolved guilt.

Attempting to quit smoking without addressing or fulfilling that positive intention in the proper way won't be as effective. Your SUBconscious will trigger the thought of reaching for a cigarette(a.k.a. cravings) and you may even physically start reaching for one without consciously making the decision to do so, and you find yourself smoking and you don’t know how you got there. That’s what makes people crave smoking even after years of quitting.

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