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The Truth About Cutting Down On Cigarettes

Smokers would think they can avoid the negative aspects of smoking by cutting down to the cigarettes they enjoy the most, unfortunately cutting down is never a sustainable long term solution for several reasons. The tendency with nicotine is to increase the dose to get the same feeling as your body builds tolerance, so when you're cutting down you'd feel that you're making a sacrifice and that you're fighting against yourself. Also when you are cutting down, you haven't stopped, and you know you will be smoking again, you will spend the time in between each cigarette craving the next cigarette so each cigarette becomes crucial and you develop a stronger attachment to cigarettes. Another very important element in smoking is the increase in heart rate. One cigarette elevates your resting heart rate above its norm for approximately 36 hours, so you can't escape this by cutting down, and research has found that the increase in resting heart rate over time is linked to heart disease death. To sum it up, by cutting down you get a combination of the worst, you're experiencing the withdrawal symptoms, you don't get to smoke when you like and above all you're not getting the chance to cope in life without cigarettes.

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