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The Truth About Nicotine Substitutes

Why some people who stopped smoking for months or years weren’t mentally unleashed from that habit, they never stopped thinking about or craving cigarettes even though their bodies have no traces of nicotine ? Withdrawal symptoms are 10% physical and 90% mental. Nicotine substitutes only deal with the physical part of it, you may not need nicotine substitutes to deal with nicotine withdrawal symptoms cause they are mild, they’re just 10% of the problem. You may feel out of sort , irritable, lacking confidence, discomfort in your body but these symptoms could be exacerbated ten times because of the payoff, and that's what you need to deal with. People consciously make the decision to start smoking, but their subconscious makes the decision to keep them smoking and that’s because of the payoff. Payoff is when your subconscious take a full control over the habit because it serves you a purpose. The subconscious won’t let go of that habit, it’ll keep giving you the urge to do that habit or in other words (the craving), and that’s until the purpose is fulfilled. It’s simply an innocent intention from your subconscious to protect you, This innocent intention is the root cause of your smoking problem and it should be addressed so your subconscious let it go, and once that happens , the problem goes as well and you find yourself quitting smoking with mild to no withdrawal symptoms.

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