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Why can't you quit smoking ?

Here's the story Your mind has two parts, Conscious mind which is only 10% of your mind, and SUBconscious mind which is the remaining 90%. Obviously the SUBconscious mind is bigger and more powerful, it's responsible for your involuntary functions, emotions, and habits. You may know how bad smoking is and think " I wanna quit smoking" but this is only your Conscious mind speaking, which is only 10%. The question here: Does your SUBconscious want the same thing? You'll always want your SUBconscious to be in alignment and want the same thing as your Conscious, cause whenever there is a conflict between the Conscious and SUBconscious, the SUBconscious always wins and dominates, it's bigger and more powerful. So if you don't change your SUBconscious desire for smoking you'll have the urge( a.k.a. cravings) to keep smoking and even if you finally quit you'll have a high chance to eventually end up smoking again. what you need as a smoker is to have harmony and alignment between the Conscious and SUBconscious so instead of working with just 10% of yourself, you have the whole 100% works in your favor and you can finally quit Once and For All.

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